Alfa Romeo Replacement Keys

Alfa RomeoIf you’ve lost the key to your Alfa Romeo, broken it in the lock or had your keys stolen then you are need of assistance. We offer an Alfa Romeo auto locksmith service for Surrey, Middlesex, Kent, London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

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We are able to offer a car locksmith service for a range of Alfa Romeo vehicles including:

  • 145
  • 146
  • 147
  • 155
  • 156
  • 164
  • 166
  • GT
  • Spider
  • 159
  • Brera

The range of services we can offer include

  • Faulty locks repaired
  • Key extraction
  • Lost keys replaced
  • Stolen key codes erased
  • Vehicle entry for keys locked in car
  • Spare keys supplied

Technical details for Alfa Romeo keys

Alfa Romeo Transponder KeyTo prevent hot wiring, all Alfa keys from 1995 were equipped with a transponder key. This was commonly known as a T5 chip.

After 1998 security was enhanced by a new generation of transponder keys using crypto chips. These were known as Phillips type 44 and later type 48. Although initially these could only be ordered through the dealer, they are now more widely available.

The crypto chips used by Alfa Romeo contain chassis specific data that meant all keys had to be ordered from the main Italian factory.

We have the software and hardware that allows us to extract this specific data from the cars immobiliser and ECU, meaning that we can replace the key to your Alfa Romeo on the side of the road while you wait.

Compared with going down the main dealer route we believe we can save you considerable time and inconvenience, as well as saving you from what could be a substantial bill.

Alfa Romeo Flip Key Fob

More than just a key, it incorporates transponder security, remote locking buttons and a slick flip out key blade section.

If you have any questions please phone us on 07863 561 075 or use the Contact Us form and we’re more than happy to discuss any key or lock problems you may be having with your Alfa Romeo.

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